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A properly locked door is your first line of defense against intruders. Of course, that defense is not very reliable if you’re not sure who has keys to those locks.

There are many reasons for changing a lock, including:



Rekeying is simply the changing of a lock for security reasons. At Low Rate Locksmith Sacramento,

 At Locksmith Sacramento, we do not always consider total replacement. Our professional locksmiths can alter the tumbler or wafer configuration to allow a new key to open it.

 Thus, when you feel that somebody may have copied your keys, you can have your lock rekeyed.  

Here are several reasons for rekeying:

1. You lost your key

2. You lost your wallet or bag and your keys in them

3. Your lock needs to be repaired

4. You just moved in

5. You have suspicion that someone was able to copy your key

6. Someone broke into your house


The difficulty of rekeying will depend on whether a new keyhole needs to be made. For rekeying, a new key will be needed to open the door.  At Locksmith Sacramento, we can guide you if you have rekey able locks from Kwikset or Schlage. These kits come with instructions and tools. You must have your old key however to remove the cylinder plug. But if your old key got lost which is why you are rekeying, then an entirely new lock will have to replace your current lock. For only a few dollars more, Kwikset or Schlage rekey able locks will give you 2 sets of keys with a reset key. A homeowner can rekey the lock in 30 seconds by simply inserting the reset key.

The bottom line is, the cost of rekeying is only a fraction of the cost of replacing the lock. At Locksmith Sacramento, you can count on our locksmiths. They are bonded, well trained, well-equipped, and best of all, they can be trusted. 

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